Fabulous Fall Face Mask

During a recent class one of my students called vitamins e, a, and beta carotene “beautimins.”  Yes exactly! From that moment forward I’ve thought about a host of things as beautimins: getting enough sleep, yoga practice, drinking warm water…

Nature provides us with many powerful sources for beautamins, and 0among my favorites is the happy carrot.  Carrots (and many other vegetables) are orange rockets filled with major skin boosting beautimins , e, a and beta carotene.  

Crisp fall days , all pumpkin spice and butternut squash soup, usher in the season of dry skin.  To protect this most important organ, (skin is our protector) I turn to super rich, beautimin packed yogurt carrot face mask.  

To make this beautiful beautimin you’ll need:

One medium carrot, cleaned and steamed.

¼ cup of yogurt (I use coconut yogurt and adjust the amount if you like)

tablespoon of hone (I use honey for medicinal purposes only and purchase from compassionate bee keepers http://www.healthberryfarm.com/)

Place these ingredients in the food processor or blender and blend until smooth. Lather on your face, don’t forget your lips, and massage the excess into you hands. Leave for 5-15 minutes. For fun at the end lick your lips (yes it’s edible). Remove by splashing with warm water and a little cool water to seal in the beautimins.  Gently pat your face dry, never rub. Take a few minutes to enjoy the feelings and the warm glow this delicious power mask provides.

Place leftover mask in a jar in the refrigerator and you can enjoy it for 2 weeks.

With your next batch experiment by adding turmeric, essential oils or any other ingredients you like (beware some ingredients aren’t edible).  Please share your modifications, as I love learning from your adventures.

Detox and Destress with DIY Lymph Release


Don’t know what your lymph system is!   The lymph system is a series of nodules and ducts that move the white blood cell and nutrient rich lymph fluid around your body.  This is the fluid behind all sorts of healing mechanisms including, wound healing, blood clotting, detoxification and inflammation.  Unlike blood that is pumped by the heart through the body the lymph system does not have an active pump, it is moved through the body by massage that comes from muscle movement and deep abdominal breathing.

My massage therapist invited me to join her at a training for Manual Lymphatic Drainage for the head and neck this summer.  Manual Lymphatic Drainage e(MLD) is the work of Dr. Voder a German physician who was looking to give his patients relief from sinusitis. When he developed his system for using an incredibly light manipulation for opening lymph vessels and stimulating the flow of lymph fluid, he quickly discovered that it also relieved a host of inflammatory problems and was deeply relaxing.

MLD is a powerful if delicate technique that moves 10 times more lymph fluid through the body that dry brushing,  rebounding and lymph massage (all wonderful techniques in their own right). As with any other powerful technique it is important that you consult your healthcare provider before using it.  The benefits of MLD include: relief from sinusitis, headache, a variety of inflammatory processes, bruise prevention, recovery from surgery, stress reduction, and lymphedema. Certain active infections, organ failure and cancer are a few diagnosis that require specific physician approval before beginning MLD.

When you have approval from your physician please check out my video for manually releasing the lymph system in your head and neck. You’ll begin by  opening drains in the system to stimulate the flow of the lymph fluid and remove toxins. After key parts of the system are opened then remaining lymph fluid is moved toward theses drains which removes more toxins and allows fresh lymph fluid to flow it.  Releasing your lymph system is also deeply relaxing because of the way the lymph system is connected to the calming part of our nervous system. For more on MLD check out the MLD Institute and on FB.