Relax with Wonderful Wow!

One basic definition of beauty is having a face that is symmetrical and relaxed.   Many of us live life at a pace that can be described as hectic, hurried and harried.  The face yoga journey has shown me time and time again that this does nothing good for our facial symmetry. It simply isn’t possible to tone muscles that are tight thus, the first step for building a symmetrical face is releasing tension. Like other forms of exercise face yoga practice begins with warm ups that release muscular tension. Among my favorite tension releasing warm up poses is the Wonderful WoW!

The Wonderful WoW not only relaxes the face, making it ready for the changes the poses create, it  also lifts your spirits by filling you with a sense of wonder and awe. To experience all the goodness this pose has to offer first think of something that makes you smile and fills you with wonderful feelings. My go to is the sound of babies laughing and the sight of the sweet chubby cheeks. Next, sit up tall and relax your shoulders away from your ears. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth three times. Now, pull up your inspiring image and fill your body with the wonderful feelings it creates.  Relax your face, inhale and as you exhale say the word WoW! outloud repeat this 10 times. Let you jaw relax and open your face wide, feeling an invigorating stretch, don’t over do it you want to feel relaxed not tight. Close your eyes when you finish and let the energy of wonder fill you up, bathe in the warm relaxing feeling of your face.

Now your face is ready for poses to pick up your droopy eyelids or balance your smile. Emotions are contagious, so please share your go to thoughts for feeling wonderful as I would love to catch your wonderful feelings.