Smiling Face Yoga


A beautiful smile is one of the most powerful expressions a person can make. Research on smiles and their copilot laughter demonstrate their power  to calm tense situations, heal the body, improve memory and of course cheer people up. Our smiles are not set in stone, they change as we age, often losing their symmetry and balance. Having a winning smile is a great asset because it has a powerful impact on others. Your smile is also a powerful tool for keeping the signs of aging away from your face.

Many face yoga poses are a variation on the smile. Smiles come in many forms, gummy smiles, Cheshire Cat grins, tight lipped smiles and crooked smiles. Looking at your smile can reveal a great deal about how you use your face muscles and where you hold tension. Those with a gummy smile often have a tight upper lip. Tight lipped smiles often come from clenched jaws and a tight chin. Your face may be boney or meaty, depending on the muscles you use to smile.

Look in the mirror and notice how you smile. Are the corners of your mouth even, are the gums of your upper teeth visible, are your jaw muscles bulging making your face look wide? There are a variety of poses to address all aspects of the smile, and all smiles work begins with releasing tension in the mouth area. The Roly Poly is one tension releaser that prepares the face for smile work. Close your lips and press your tongue against the inside corner of the mouth. Slowly move your tongue in a circle pressing firmly against the muscles, but not so hard that you stretch your face dramatically. Take at least 5 seconds to make a full circle around your mouth. Make three circles clockwise and reverse directions for three circles. Move slowly so that you feel the tension release. Now test your smile and see if anything has changed.

If you want to change the way you smile then a customized face yoga practice is for you. The practice begins with an in depth analysis of the muscles you use when smiling and how they contribute to the shape of your smile and create a boney of meaty face. Proper use of cheeks muscles helps relax the jaw, slim the face, and balance the corners of the mouth.  Poses that strengthen the upper lip release the tension in the sides of the face help fill in a boney face and reduce smile lines. An added benefit of smile yoga is that it also smooths out lip lines. Reach out today and together we will create a smile practice that will brighten your day.