What is the Jade Roller & Why You Need One!

My super hip friend Danny turned me onto the jade roller a few months ago. What you ask is this and why do I need one?  Once exclusively used by Chinese empresses and aristocrats, jade rollers have been in use for improving skin quality, lymph release and increasing facial muscle tone for  thousands of years. In traditional Chinese medicine, jade is considered to be the stone of heaven and is the preferred material for facial rollers because it is believed to be a superior tool for stimulating and moving chi (energy). Partly due to its use by celebs like Megan Markel and Alicia Keys, jade rollers are in high fashion, but when pressed it seems most folks don’t really understand how or why to use them.  

I’ve been using a jade roller daily and a gua sha board as well (I’ll post about gua sha next) daily for over a month, and I love the subtle changes I’ve seen.  When used properly and frequently the jade roller improves skin texture and health by stimulating circulation. Jade rollers stimulate the release of lymph fluid which reduces puffiness; reduces fine lines and wrinkles by training the connective tissue to relax; helps skin better absorb facial products; and is deeply relaxing.  

Proper and frequent use is the key to reaping the benefits this tool offers. There are many ways to use the jade roller.  I focus on lymph release (see my post DIY Lymph Lifthttps://youtu.be/IXfOn33A120 for more), product absorption and relaxathttps://youtu.be/4slrtnZzAU8ion. To maximize release of stagnated lymph fluid you need to use the roller with a light touch, pressing too hard with the roller will close the lymph system instead of increasing its flow. My next major focus is stimulating the relaxation response, stress and tension are big players when it comes to unnecessary aging of the face. The video tutorial outlines the system I use for the jade roller. Expert tip,  keep your roller in the refrigerator or freezer for a more soothing treatment. .  

One of the most enjoyable benefits I’ve experienced is the soothing effect it has on my skin.  After just a few weeks of use (I also use the gua sha board daily) of regular use I noticed the lines of my neck were smoother and the pores of my skin were smaller.  I also do my best to be very present and relaxed when using my jade roller so that I get the most out of the messages it sends to the body to relax.

When purchasing a roller check to be sure that the barrels roll freely. I purchased mine at a discount fashion store for under $10.  Remember, always moisturize before using your jade roller, use light strokes directed from the center of the face out toward the ear, the only exception being the upward strokes on the neck.  As with any tool the jade roller only works if you use it; use your roller at least once daily. You’ll see faster results if you use the roller multiple times a day, especially after long hours at the computer.  I jade roll in the morning after cleaning and moisturizing my face. After each use, I rinse the roller with warm water, wipe it clean, and return it to the refrigerator or in my case the freezer, so it is ready for your next use.  For some real fun take a closeup before picture of your skin, and after 30 days of use take the same closeup and compare the two. Please share your experiences with the jade roller and ask any questions your like.

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