Fruit Enzyme Hand Facial – Why Not?

Our hands are a wonderful gift. They allow us the pleasure of a tender caress, the joy of waving to a friend, they bring delicious food to our mouths and are among the most versitle and hard working parts of our body. I ask so much of my creative hands and this year I decided to revolutionize the way I care for them My general state of indeifference toward my hands has been replaced by regular salt and oil scrubs and hot oil treatments.

Today when I started collecting the lotions and potions I needed for a facial it occured to me that I should invite my hands to the party. I whipped up a delicious pinapple-mango yogurt and honey enzyme peel for my face. First, I blended the fruit in my Vita Mix, then added a generous helping of coconut yogurt and some cruelty free organic honey and gave the whole thing another spin in the blender.

After washing my hands and giving them a one minute manicure I slathered my creamy dreamy fruit enzyme masque from my finger tips to my elbows. I massaged the masque into my skin paying special attention to my cuticles and my elbows. With my hands out of commission I decided to park on my couch and focus on my breath, there wasn’t much else I could do. After my time was up I rinsed the masque, patted my hands and arms dry and enjoyed the feel of my smooth moist skin. Next, I sealed the deal with Skincondo’s Combat Ready cream!. Voila! Smooth beautiful hands ready for the day. If you have a favorite hand treatment please share it, my hands are ready for more adventures in self care.

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