New Year’s Self Care Evolution

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The new year is a time when folks are full and excitment and naturallly inclined to make big plans for the coming year. The many pitfalls of making New Year’s resolutions are so common that most people avoid making them altogether. Why make a bold public planif it is highly likely you’ll have given up by the month’s end? I’d like to suggest that making bold plans is human nature and keeping them or not is just part of our natural growth, we are engineered to.

The human body is constantly replacing cells, the average skin cell lives about 30 days before an new one takes its place and you get entirely new skin every 2-3 weeks. In fact if you’re old enough to read this, with the exception of a few organs such as the lens of the eye and some parts of the nervous system, you are no longer living in the body you were born with. One way to think about this process is in terms of evolution. My favorite tag line for Darwin’s famous process, is survival of the most adaptable, the ones most able to change. We are designed to adapt to our ever changing environment.

That we evolve is at one level just biology, what is intriguing is how we can guide our natural evolutionary process. This year I’m taking a more conscious approach to my evolution. I am declaring a Self Care Evolution in 2019. Instead making resolutions this year I’m tapping into the process of evolution to take me on a self care journey beyond the borders of what I might be thinking at this moment. To me this approach feels like a set up for success beyond what I imagine now. I’m testing an idea I have that choosing to consciously evolve in one area of life might have residual effects on other areas (I’m assuming positive effects).

I’m starting out with a focus on taking better care of my hands, they allow me to do and create somany things and I’ve treated them carelessly. I brought out the 1 minute manicure recipe that I created years ago and have vowed to use it at least once a week. I’ve also committed to monthly hot oil treatments for my nails and nail buffing. It is not a stretch to think that this extra attention will make a big difference in my usual state of chipped nails and dry cuticles.

What I’m truly curious about is how a small act of conscious evolving might lead to other acts of self care and postive behavior. I hope you’ll join me in my self care evolution. Pick an easy target, something you know you can follow through with. Set yourself up to succeedI. I have 1 minute manicure in my shower, a nail buffer in my car and I’ve set a managable goal (1/week and 1/month). Set your focus and begin conscioiusly evolving! Share you plans with me and check in again at the end of the month and let me know how it’s going.

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