What is Face Yoga?


Don’t  understand what makes face yoga special in the ocean of facial exercise systems?  Simply put face yoga is a natural way to maintain and restore your face’s balance, health and beauty. As we say here at Heart Mind Face Yoga, it is a mindful practice that brings you into agelessness.  Agelessness being a byproduct of living the yoga lifestyle, it’s what happens when a person doesn’t look like the number that matches the years they have lived. Another way of understanding agelessness is timeless beauty, think Audrey Hepburn. 

I found Face Yoga when my allergies had gotten the best of me and I couldn’t breathe. While looking for exercises to open my closed sinuses I found the Face Yoga Method. The first pose I tried made my ears pop, opened my clogged sinuses and let me breathe freely for the first time in weeks.  I had such releif I had to know more.  Hours of research latter I realized what makes The Face Yoga Method different from other face exercise/yoga systems is the deeply mindful work of it’s founder Fumiko Takatsu. Fumiko began her yoga practice in Japan at the wise old age of 10. After a major car accident in her mid 30’s Fumiko noticed dramatic changes in her face and using her knowledge of yoga began developing a system to restore its symmetry. Over a 10 period she transformed her appearance and made the Face Yoga Method a phenomenon in Japan. That very day I started practicing three times a day.  I was so impressed with the results, I signed up for teacher training two months later.  Happily I can report, less than a year after my performing that  first pose, my sinuses are still clear and my face is much more toned and symetrical.  One dear friend joked, “look how young Sherry looks, she’s aging backwards.”

Face yoga poses are specifically designed to tone and relax the fine muscles of the head and neck. All you need to practice Face Yoga  is 20 minutes a day, your body and a sense of humor. Most of the poses are hilarious looking and losing your focus due uncontrolable laughter is a common and welcome side effect of practice. The poses will not only strengthen your jawline, plump your lips, pick up your droopy eyelids and smooth the lines on your forehead, they will lift your mood and help you feel more alert and with it.

Without question proper face yoga practice can turn back the clock five years, or more! Like other deeply mindful practices you will get your best and quickest results from working with a skilled teacher. I’ve practiced and taught yoga for more than 30 years. I offer private and group sessions, in person and via Skype and Zoom. Reach out today and let me create a personalized practice just for you.

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