Smiling Face Yoga

A beautiful smile is one of the most powerful expressions a person can make. Research on smiles and their copilot laughter demonstrate their power  to calm tense situations, heal the body, improve memory and of course cheer people up. Our smiles are not set in stone, they change as we age, often losing their symmetry … Continue reading Smiling Face Yoga

What is Face Yoga?

Don't  understand what makes face yoga special in the ocean of facial exercise systems?  Simply put face yoga is a natural way to maintain and restore your face's balance, health and beauty. As we say here at Heart Mind Face Yoga, it is a mindful practice that brings you into agelessness.  Agelessness being a byproduct of … Continue reading What is Face Yoga?

Fruit Enzyme Hand Facial – Why Not?

Our hands are a wonderful gift. They allow us the pleasure of a tender caress, the joy of waving to a friend, they bring delicious food to our mouths and are among the most versitle and hard working parts of our body. I ask so much of my creative hands and this year I decided … Continue reading Fruit Enzyme Hand Facial – Why Not?

New Year’s Self Care Evolution

The new year is a time when folks are full and excitment and naturallly inclined to make big plans for the coming year. The many pitfalls of making New Year's resolutions are so common that most people avoid making them altogether. Why make a bold public planif it is highly likely you'll have given up … Continue reading New Year’s Self Care Evolution

Ditch the Wrinkle Cream: Anti-Aging Properties of Natural Oils, and 5 DIY Formulas By Libby Baker As we age, our natural oil production decreases, creating dry skin that, over time, is less resilient to the constant stretching of our muscles, resulting in wrinkles. Besides eating healthy, plant based foods, the logical solution to prevent wrinkles is to simply replace the lost oils! There are plenty of products … Continue reading Ditch the Wrinkle Cream: Anti-Aging Properties of Natural Oils, and 5 DIY Formulas